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Clean Air Solutions

Industrial Emission Control Systems

Through its Clean Technologies portfolio, DuPont Sustainable Solutions offers a suite of leading emission control systems with designs and process chemistries tailored to specific application requirements. Our clean air technologies can be found in a wide variety of industries, including phosphate fertilizer, petroleum refining, non-ferrous metals, and marine. 

DuPont Clean Technologies can enable your organization to expand into new markets, boost production, use lower-cost fuel and increase profitability— all while our proprietary systems keep your operations in compliance.

BELCO® EDV® Wet Scrubbing SystemsControl flue gas emissions (particulate, SO2, SO3 and NOand more) from Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs), fluid cokers, fired heaters and boilers. EDV® Wet Scrubbing Systems are the top choice of petroleum refiners and over 200 commercial applications in refineries and industrial and municipal facilities worldwide.

MECS® DynaWave® Wet Gas ScrubbersControl stack emissions such as SO2, SO3, H2SO4 ,H2S, HCl, particulates and more from Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs), sulfuric acid plants, metal smelters, incinerators, cement kilns, and other sources. Over 300 DynaWave® Wet Scrubbers are installed worldwide.

MECS® Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators: Eliminate virtually any liquid or soluble solid mist from any gas stream, including submicron aerosol mists. Brink® mist elimination solutions for over 300 applications have been installed in over 5000 facilities around the globe.

BELCO® Marine Scrubbers: Meet IMO sulfur emission regulations with our open loop, closed loop, or hybrid wet scrubbing designs.

Third Stage Separators (TSS)): BELCO® provides advanced third stage and fourth stage separator systems under license from SHELL Global Solutions for meeting particulate emission requirements and protecting power recovery units (turbo expanders) on petroleum refinery Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCUs).  Over 75 have been installed.