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Tyvek® Flexwrap Flashing Tape

High Performance Flexible Self-adhesive Flashing Tape

Tyvek® flashing tape works seamlessly with Tyvek® and AirGuard® products to help you create continuous airtight and watertight seals.

Tyvek® Flexwrap flashing tape makes it easier to achieve airtight and watertight seals around windows, doors, chimney breasts, pipe penetrations and custom shapes.

Key Benefits of Tyvek® Flexwrap

  • Helps to facilitate the creation of airtight and watertight seals around any custom shapes
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to ensure continuity, compatibility and integrity with all DuPontTM Tyvek® breather membranes and AirGuard® AVCLs to guarantee long-term performance and durability
  • Also compatible with PP non-woven and laminated membranes at penetrations

Key Properties of Tyvek® Flexwrap 

  • Roll size: 15,24cm x 22,86m
  • Rolls per box: 1
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Coverage: 5.2m2
  • Temperature resistance: –30°C to +80°C (temporarily 100°C)
  • Elongation: Up to 160% (2.6 x the original length)
  • Processing temperature: > 0°C
  • UV resistance: 4 months

Installation of Tyvek® Flexwrap