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Webinar: How to combat air leakage

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WEBINAR: How to combat air leakage in buildings

WEBINAR: How to combat air leakage in buildings

From achieving greater thermal efficiency to improved moisture control and the peace of mind that the proper protective 'seal' can bring, it's crucial to employ a combination of proven, hi-tech membranes together with modern methods of installation, workmanship and even end-user education. Especially if UK industry wants to get ahead of 2013 codes demanding 44% improvements in energy/carbon performance (and zero carbon emissions for housing by 2016) to take its proper place at the forefront of quality, ethical, contemporary construction.

The seminar was held at the BRE INSITE 11 on 4th of October 2011.

Part 1: What is air leakage ?

Part 2: What are current and future targets ?

Part 3: How to combat air leakage ?