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Breather Membrane Solutions for Protection and Energy Efficiency

Breather membranes play a key role in protecting buildings and occupants from the elements. Investing in a quality solution like DuPont™ Tyvek® can help provide long-term building protection – and peace of mind too.

In addition to improving energy efficiency, Tyvek® breather membrane solutions offer long-lasting protection against several threats to building integrity, including condensation and infiltration by water and air. Our latest pioneering products go even further: by adding effective fire retardancy to the list of proven Tyvek® benefits, they protect structures and their inhabitants better still.

As a vital secondary water-shedding layer, Tyvek® membranes have a highly durable functional layer that is six to eight times thicker than most common multi-layer products. This layer consists of heat-stabilised polyethylene (PE) for reliable, long-term performance and UV/heat resistance – something other breathable membranes cannot always guarantee.

The secret is the unique single-layer structure: Tyvek® membranes comprise millions of microfibres in a homogeneous ‘maze’ that is vapour-open, yet watertight.

Tyvek® breather membrane choices are versatile, lightweight, easyto install, and backed by DuPont’s guaranty of quality, including a 10-year warranty.