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AirGuard® Smart Variable Sd

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Protection Against Structural Damage with Variable Vapour Resistance

DuPont™ AirGuard® Smart AVCL is airtight and water resistant and adapts its vapour resistance as humidity levels change, giving buildings maximum protection against structural damage caused by humidity.

DuPont™ AirGuard® Smart helps preserve structures by allowing trapped humidity to escape during the drying-out phase – then acting as a traditional AVCL once structures are dry and moisture levels have stabilised. It also provides an effective barrier in winter.

Suitable for a Range of Applications

This advanced product is made with DuPont™ Typar® and is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring superior vapour resistance, including:

  • Renovation from the outside, on sheathing, over rafters
  • As an airtight layer in above-rafter insulation systems
  • Flat or pitched roofs with vapour-closed waterproofing (i.e., where moisture can only escape to the interior)
  • New (timber) construction
  • All-purpose dry lining applications
  • Retaining insulation between rafters or wall framing.
  • Wall systems (masonry, insulated timber or steel frame structures)

Important: AirGuard® Smart is not suitable for structures with permanently high humidity levels, such as saunas.

Key Benefits of DuPontTM AirGuard® Smart

  • Extreme vapour resistance range from 0.26MNs/g to more than 150MNs/g (sd-values from 0.05m to more than 30m), hence highly adaptable, means AirGuard® Smart offers one of the widest vapour resistance spans known in the market
  • Combines drying-out and vapour control function in one layer
  • High drying-out potential = high protection against structural damage
  • High tensile strength for superior insulation support / retention
  • Very robust – offering versatility in site work
  • Transparent, allowing the timber members to be easily located for fixing
  • Complies with CE marking

Key Properties of DuPontTM AirGuard® Smart

  • Material: DuPontTM Typar®, functional film, spun bond PP
  • Style: 8407A
  • Product designation acc. to EN 13984: Type B
  • Roll size: 1.50m x 50m/11kg
  • Reaction to fire: E
  • Mass per unit area: 139g/m²
  • Water vapour resistance range: 0.26MNs/g for humid environment (sd 0.05m) to more than 150MNs/g for dry environment (more than sd 30m)
  • Temperature resistance: from –40°C to +80°C
  • Maximum/minimum tensile force (MD/XD): 360/300 N/50 mm
  • Resistance to tearing (MD/XD): 310/330 N
  • CE marking: Yes