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Corian® for Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom Countertops

Offering much more than the basic functionality of the past, bathrooms today are designed with beauty and relaxation in mind.

With its design versatility, Corian® solid surface is a vital component in many exciting bathroom designs, including elegant basins and shower trays, sleek wetrooms, Zen-influenced baths, and ergonomically designed schemes with curved vanity units.

Seamless Appearance

Corian® products, such as basins and backsplashes, can be perfectly integrated to create the sleek impression of a single flowing surface. With seamlessly streamlined features, there are no visible joints or cracks to collect dirt and moisture.

Designed to Remain Beautiful

DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is easy to clean – it’s nonporous, so stains do not penetrate the surface. With proper cleaning, Corian® also resists the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria.

Reputation for Excellence

DuPont invented solid surfaces and has worked to continually improve our portfolio.




  • Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche dress up high-tech elegance

    The Hotel’s reception desk, spa, spearhead of the building, encloses baths, mirrors and furniture completely made of DuPont™ Corian®. The designers have exploited the hygienic properties of the techno-surface, a non-porous and easy to clean material.