Weed Control Solutions

How reliable is your weed control fabric?

Weed control fabrics are increasingly popular as a low-maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to herbicides when it comes to managing unwanted growth for a range of residential and non-residential applications.

When it comes to selecting a landscape fabric, however, one can be confronted with a bewildering choice – and it’s important to understand that not all products are the same.

Discover the key properties that make the ideal landscape fabric by watching the brief video below.

Discover the advantages of Plantex® weed control fabrics

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Plantex® Weed Control Test Report
Download the full test report with infographics here.
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In the absence of a standardized weed control property norm, DuPont has undertaken rigorous testing to compare both its own Plantex® weed control fabrics and several other products on the market with claims to a similar function.

Download the full test report with infographics now.