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How to install Plantex® Cocomat


Step 1: Prepare the soil and rake if necessary

Ensure all weeds are thoroughly removed from the installation area before laying Plantex® Cocomat.

Step 2: Roll out Plantex® Cocomat

For large areas, overlap Plantex® Cocomat at least 10 cm to prevent weed growth along the edges. Use Plantex® Anchor Pins or Bio Pins to secure the joins. Apply at least 2 pins per running meter. On large unplanted areas weigh down Plantex® Cocomat with stones or with the new plants to ensure that no movement occurs whilst planting through.

Step 3: Cut an “X” shape in Plantex® Cocomat

Using sharp scissors or a knife, make the cut either over an existing plant or at the position where the new plant is to go. Work Plantex® Cocomat gently over existing plants or plant through with new ones.

Plantex® Cocomat does not need to be covered, since the product itself is already covered with the coconut fibre layer.