Typar® D geotextile filters

Typar® D filters

Industry standard for high quality filtration materials

Water needs to be effectively controlled and evacuated in ground engineering structures if their function is not to be impaired. Traditionally, water has been controlled and evacuated using graded natural materials in systems such as sand drains, soakaways or others.

Over the past 30 years, more and more synthetic drainage materials have been replacing these natural materials, improving the permeability of impervious soils.
Composite Drains are geosynthetic materials, consisting mostly of a core material and one or several geotextile filters. Their function is to provide for a transport of water, leachate or gas.


Typar® D filters are industry standard for high quality filtration materials

  • Easy to install, to settle, and to remove
  • More economical than other types of drains
  • Ensure optimal drainage system
  • Highly permeable, generally much more than the soils to be filtered
  • Effectively filter for at least 100 years, thus ensuring that the drainage system does not clog
  • Don’t reduce the discharge capacity of the drain, unlike needle-punched filters
  • Have an outstanding uniformity, thus no “weak spots"


Typar® D is heat-bonded, made of continuous filaments, 100% polypropylene