DuPont™ Typar®/ Xavan® Carpet Backing

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An Innovative Carpet Backing Solution

Branded Typar® for sale in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia/Pacific and Xavan® for sale in the Americas, DuPont carpet backing is a spunbonded polypropylene.

DuPont carpet backing was developed specifically to address needs from many differenct carpet styles. The high resistance to bias stretch makes it ideal for carpets with distortion-sensitive designs such as prints and pattern tufting. Our carpet backing material is available in a number of commercial styles. These styles differ by weight, by surface properties, by strength properties, and by colours.  Which one is right for you?



DuPont Carpet Backing Brochure
DuPont Carpet backing spunbonded polypropylene enables the production of high quality carpets with even the most critical designs and offers distinctive advantages versus woven backing materials.