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Celebrating 50 Years of DuPont™ Kevlar®

Kevlar® is about daring bigger, pushing limits, being courageous & helping keep people safe. Since it’s invention 50 years ago by DuPont scientist, Stephanie Kwolek, this resilient, durable and tougher than steel technology has been helping protect heroes & enabling extreme performance. Kevlar® has been used in applications ranging from space suits and body armor to sporting equipment and cell phones. DuPont is celebrating the past 50 years of this extraodinary fiber by collecting 50 Dare Bigger™ stories that show the amazing impact Kevlar® has made in the world. Check back throughout the year as more stories are added. That's progress... 

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Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Fight the Kraken

An inspirational story of dedication and determination, as two master oarswomen attempt to row across the Pacific Ocean from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI using a boat made with DuPont™ Kevlar®.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Globe

Globe Manufacturing Company's founders established the turnout gear category more than a century ago, and then revolutionized it by including both DuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: adidas Dark Ops

Paying tribute to the U.S. military, adidas Football unveiled the new Dark Ops Collection, inspired by the footwear and accessories worn by the elite forces of the U.S. military. Built for speed and performance, the Dark Ops Collection of cleats features the 2016 adizero 5-Star 5.0 x KEVLAR® and Freak x KEVLAR®.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Fiber-Line®

Vince Pappas, founder of the company Fiber-Line®, shares his personal story of how Kevlar® has defined his career.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Kevlar® Glove Innovation Awards

See the Kevlar® Glove Innovation awards, designed to recognize innovative glove designs from DuPont™ Kevlar® licensees who are meeting evolving marketplace needs. Winning glove entries are unique and groundbreaking in their approach, while also challenging the boundaries of conventional cut protection.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: The Big Ride Across America

Read about an inspirational bike ride across America accomplished with no flat tires, a feat done on tires reinforced with Kevlar®.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Ground-Breaking FR Emergency Gas Glove

Youngstown Glove Company announces the release of a first-of-its-kind FR Emergency Gas Glove with Kevlar® in conjunction with the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Officer Santana

Officer Alline Santana, a member of the Mato Grosso Military Police Department in Brazil, tells her story of how the DuPont™ Kevlar® - IIIA level vest saved her life during a gun fight.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Oriental Rubber Industries

Oriental Rubber Industries worked collaboratively with the DuPont Dare Bigger™ platform to challenge the existing conveying solutions with DuPont advanced materials and capabilities.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Chesterfield County

Members of the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors recently presented DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman a resolution to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the invention of Kevlar®. The ceremony was held at DuPont’s Spruance Plant, which has been part of the Chesterfield County community for more than 80 years.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Petra Grashoff

Petra Grashoff, the first female plant manager in the 50-year history at the DuPont Maydown plant in Northern Ireland, talks about the 50th anniversary of DuPont™ Kevlar® and the bright future for female engineers at the site in a recent piece for the Larne Times.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Gelvenor Textiles

DuPont customer, Gelvenor Textiles celebrated its 50th anniversary on the night of May 14, 2015, while DuPont celebrated 50 years of Kevlar® innovative success.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Kevlar® & Reebok Crossft® Partnership

DuPont™ Kevlar® brings its extreme strength and durability to the specific needs of the CrossFit® athlete.

Surfing Legend Gary Linden

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Gary Linden

Gary Linden, 65, surfboard legend, shaper and founder of the Big Wave World Tour set out to design a better surfboard using DuPont™ Kevlar®.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Draggin Jeans

There are not many companies that can say the boss literally ‘put his butt’ on the line to prove his product’s safety, but Draggin Jeans can.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Officer Daniel Kowalski

Cincinnati Police Department officer Daniel Kowalski knows he should be six feet under the ground. See how Kevlar® helped send him home to his daughters.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Mad River Canoe

From the beginning, Mad River Canoe explored new designs and experimented with new materials. They were the first to introduce Kevlar™ to the canoe industry and among the pioneers to first mold their own Royalex® canoes. Their founder, Jim Henry recalls how they dared bigger...

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Freak x Kevlar® Cleats

Adidas recently previewed a limited edition line of cleats that incorporate DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, and will be launching the full line later this year. Adidas chose the iconic brand to reinforce the plates in the cleats because of its lightweight strength and durability.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Armourshield UK

Armourshield UK and DuPont™ Kevlar continue to partner together, creating a wide range of armored solutions catering to the needs of governments worldwide.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: New Book Features Stephanie Kwolek

The final chapter of a new book released this month by Broadway Books is dedicated to Stephanie Kwolek, the DuPont scientist and inventor whose discoveries 50 years ago led to the invention of DuPont™ Kevlar®.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Fenner Precision

DuPont™ Kevlar® helps drive the BiOM® T2 System, the only commercially available powered ankle-foot prosthetic device on the market today.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: ADSS Cables made with Kevlar®

Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co.,Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of cable systems and offers a variety of optical fiber cable fittings such as ADSS cables that are made with DuPont™ Kevlar®.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Inventing in America

Stephanie Kwolek, whose discoveries led to the invention of DuPont™ Kevlar®, will be featured in the exhibit through items on loan from Hagley Museum & Library, a Smithsonian affiliate.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: MCR Launches New Glove with Kevlar®

This glove uses patented DuPont™ Kevlar® engineered yarns allowing glove companies like MCR Safety to Dare Bigger™ and bring new levels of cut-resistance performance and dexterity, along with features such as high visibility, to the market.

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Linear Composites Limited

Linear Composites Limited's test of ropes made with Kevlar® remarkably showed almost imperceptible creep in almost 40 years of continual testing.

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