DuPont Geneva Innovation Center

Welcome to the DuPont Geneva Innovation Center

New ideas become a reality.

The DuPont Geneva Innovation Center is located in Meyrin, Switzerland.  Here the customer experience is enhanced by the “touch and feel” in the Innovation Space to showcase the breadth of solutions and connections between materials and different industries.

An important part of our uniqueness is the close relationship between the DuPont Innovation Center and the European Technical Center, with an approach to find the best solution, involving process developments, testing, modelling and prototyping.  We also invite key customers for tailor made innovation sessions based on insights and industry trends. 

Our network of Innovation Centers is designed for customers and strategic partners to collaborate with us to generate solutions to challenging problems.  Through our Innovation Centers, visitors can connect with a network of around 9,000 scientists and engineers across the world.                      

Visit our DuPont Geneva Innovation Center to work together to solve local problems and industry needs through development and open innovation.

DuPont Geneva Innovation Center
DuPont European Technical Center
Route du nant d’Avril, 146
Meyrin, Switzerland 1217


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