This information must accompany every item of chemical clothing or every individual commercial packaging unit. The purpose is to guarantee that the wearer is confronted with these instructions prior to use.

The information must be at least in the offi cial language(s) of the country or region of destination. It must be unambiguous and, if helpful, illustrations, part numbers, marking etc. can be included. If appropriate, warnings should be given against any problems likely to be encountered.

The instructions together with the information on the marking needs to contain at least the following information:

9 the name, trademark, or other means of identifi cation, and address of the manufacturer and/or his authorized representative established in the European Union or the country where the product is placed on the market;

9 the reference number of the European Standard for the Type;

9 the Type, e.g. Type 6 for light chemical splashes protective suits;

9 if applicable, additional items of personal protective equipment to be worn to ensure the level of protection needed and how to attach them;

9 the manufacturer s type, identifi cation or model number;

9 the size range (as defi ned in EN 340); 9 the names of chemicals and chemical products (including the names and approximate concentrations of the components) to which the protective clothing has been tested. This will include the performance levels obtained for liquid repellency and penetration for each chemical tested. If additional information is available, a reference to where this information can be obtained (e.g. manufacturer s telephone, fax number or website) shall be added;

9 all other performance levels, as specifi ed in Type defi ning norm, preferably in a table;

9 a statement that chemical protective garments have been tested to the whole-suit test;

9 for re-usable items: the explanation of care pictograms according to ISO 3758 and additional information on cleaning and disinfection (please see also EN 340, 5.4);

9 the expected shelf-life of the garment if ageing can occur;

9 information necessary for trained persons on: y application, limitations of use (temperature range, antistatic properties etc.)

y tests to be carried out by the wearer before use (if applicable)

y fi tting y use y removal y maintenance and cleaning (including guidance for decontamination and disinfection)

y storage 9 if applicable, a statement to advise that the prolonged wearing of chemical protective suits may cause heat stress.


Annexe 148