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Colour/Reference: Model CHF5, White with orange seams***: F1 CHF5 S WH 00



9 Maximising wearer comfort: thanks to the open structure of its breathable non-woven SMS fabric

9 Non-halogenated fl ame-retardant non-woven fabric, free of substances of very high concern to conform to reach compliance

9 Antistatic treatment on both sides*** Features

Hooded coverall. 3-piece hood and 3-piece gusset for optimal fi t. Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles. Generous fi t offering high freedom of movement when wearing Index 2 or 3 fl ame-retardant workwear beneath.


ProShield® FR garments are used across a range of applications, including those in the petrochemical and railway industries, welding, gas and metal applications and certain Ex-Zones (refer to instructions for use).

Note: An Index 1 garment should never be worn in direct contact to the skin, but on top of an Index 2 or Index 3 garment.

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* Does not protect from ionizing radiation. ** EN ISO 14116:2008 requires a tensile strength of >150 N.

This garment has a tensile strength of >30 N only. *** Test conducted on certain FR fabrics and FR garments have

demonstrated that antistatic properties reduce overtime. In the interests of safety, that s why we initially limit the shelf-life for the antistatic property of ProShield® FR to 18 months.

Category III TYPE 5 TYPE 6 EN 1149-5 EN 1073-2* Class 1

EN ISO 14116** Index 1

The solution to protect you and your flame-resistant workwear underneath