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Colour/Reference: Model CHA5a, White: TY CHA5 T WH 00 Model CHA6, White (with socks): TY CHA5 T WH 16 Model CHA5b, Green: TY CHA5 T GR 00*

SIZE: XS to 7XL (sizes XS and 4XL-7XL are MTO)

SIZE: XS to 7XL* (sizes XS-S and XXXL-7XL are MTO)


9 Combines performance of a Type 4 with the comfort of a nonwoven suit

9 Stitched and overtaped seams, offering equal barrier as fabric

9 Hood shape and elastic around hood are designed for a tight fi t around full face respirator

9 Tunnelled elastics (cuff, ankles and face) help to reduce the risk of contamination


Hooded coverall. Robust yet lightweight (<250 g per garment). Self-adhesive chin fl ap for tight seal of suit to the mask. Elasticated face, wrists and ankles as well as glued-in waist elastic. Elasticated thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up. Chemical permeation of coloured Tyvek® is not identical to that of white Tyvek®. Please refer to permeation data.


Applications for Tyvek® Classic Plus garments include maintenance and dismantling jobs in the nuclear industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing or in research and biosecurity laboratories, as well as in medical applications and when exposed to biological hazards.

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* Does not protect from ionizing radiation.

Combining Type 4 performance with the durability, protection and comfort of a Tyvek® garment

MTO Made to Order

TYVEK® CLASSIC PLUS Category III TYPE 4 -B TYPE 5 -B TYPE 6 -B EN 1149-5 EN 1073-2*

Class 2 EN 14126