TYCHEM® 4000 S

Product detail

Colour/Reference: Model CHZ5, White: SL CHZ5 T WH 00 Model CHZ6, White (with socks): SL CHZ6 T WH 16



9 Offers a barrier to permeation for more than 100 chemicals

9 Double zip and double flaps permit limited re-use if not contaminated

9 Double cuff system for good glove compatibility*** 9 A comfortable garment specifi cally designed for ease-of-wear


Hooded coverall. Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fi t, thumb loops to prevent sleeves from riding up. Self-adhesive chin fl ap for tight seal of suit to face-mask.


Tychem® 4000 S is ideal for chemical handling, environmental clean-up operations and emergency response. It is suitable for use in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemical engineering, and for use by hazardous material response teams and other emergency services.


Category III TYPE 3 -B TYPE 4 -B TYPE 5 -B TYPE 6 -B EN 1149-5* EN 1073-2** Class 1

EN 14126

A ls

o av


ab le w

ith socks

D ou

bl e

cu ff s


Do ub

le zip


* Please see instructions for use for details. ** Does not protect against ionizing radiation. *** Cuffs recommended to be taped to gloves for a tight seal.

A new comfortable alternative against a broad range of inorganic and organic chemicals

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