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Colour/Reference: Model CHA5, Yellow: TC CHA5 T YL 00 Model CHA6, Yellow (with socks): TC CHA5 T YL 16*

SIZE: S to XXXL SIZE: S to XXXL* (size S is MTO)


9 Protection against numerous concentrated inorganic chemicals and biohazards

9 Protective seams, stitched and over-taped with barrier-tape, providing barrier performance equal to that of the fabric

9 Double self-adhesive zipper fl ap offers high level of protection

9 Option: Socks attached to the ankle, to be worn inside safety boots or shoes with additional knee-length boot fl ap to ensure a high protection level


Hooded coverall. Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fi t, thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up. Self-adhesive chin fl ap for tight seal of suit to face-masks.


Tychem® C is used for splash or pressurised splash protection in a variety of industrial environments, including pulp and paper manufacturing, food processing, chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Category III TYPE 3 -B TYPE 4 -B TYPE 5 -B TYPE 6 -B EN 1149-5 EN 1073-2* Class 1

EN 14126

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o av

ail ab

le wit

h socks

Se lf

- a dh

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zip per and chin fl ap

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* Does not protect against ionizing radiation.

MTO Made to Order

Comfortable, lightweight protection against biohazards and inorganic chemicals

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