Training, storage and other ongoing considerations Procuring the correct PPE is only the fi rst part of the equation. It then has to be stored, maintained, used correctly, disposed of and replaced. Shelf-life of the PPE should be considered to store boxes for a certain period of time. Most importantly, users must be correctly trained in its use. Employers, in addition to continually assessing workplace hazards as part of an interactive health and safety programme, must keep abreast of all technical and legislative developments relating to workplace safety and modify all safety policies and procedures as necessary.

DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ Active Assistance DuPont offers a range of support tools to assist with risk assessment and garment selection: ranging from web-based tools and on-site risk assessment support with DuPont Personal Protection specialists and chemists, to chemical permeation barrier testing for your specifi c chemicals. For details of the full DuPont range and for fabric permeation data go to DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ Selector Tools and see solutions proposed for your tasks, at