Step 8: Identify the correct usage of the product (please see Annexe 2 and Annexe 3) Ensure proper training is provided for correct donning, doffi ng and usage (please see Annexe 8) and be aware of product limitations. Note that the manufacturer s Instructions for Use, sometimes disregarded or overlooked, can be a useful source of information on the correct use of the product and any limitations (please see Annexe 1). Please make sure you answer the following questions:

9 Is additional taping required e.g. to the mask, cuffs, ankles? (please see Annexe 5). 9 Have earthing requirements been considered for the wearer and the coverall? (please see Annexe 7)

9 Can the wearer come into contact with sharp surfaces that could damage the garment?

9 Can the suit come into hot surfaces that could melt the fabric or open the seams (e.g. contact with hot pipes or steam cleaning)?

9 Is a donning and doffi ng procedure required and does this procedure need training to avoid contamination when the garment is put on and removed? (please see videos in Annexe 8)

Step 9: Wear test A detailed examination of technical performance data and product standards is only the fi rst part of the product selection process. Once a product has been selected which meets the required performance criteria on paper it is then important to conduct in-use wear trials to test and evaluate the product performance in use. This will include using the garments part of an appropriate PPE ensemble to ensure full in-use compatibility under expected operating conditions. In these user tryout exercises endeavour to involve as many people as possible and ask them to complete a standard evaluation form at the conclusion of the trial. Depending on the nature of the work it may be necessary to conduct these trials over a period of days or even weeks in order to evaluate the performance of the garments under live conditions but this will be time well spent if it results in the correct and most cost effi cient choice of protection. The result will be a choice of garment that fulfi ls user expectations in terms of fi t, function, comfort, performance, durability and, of course, safety.