Th is information is based upon technical data that DuPont believes to be reliable. It is subject to revision as additional knowledge and experience becomes available. DuPont does not guarantee results and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with this information. It is the user s responsibility to determine the level of toxicity and the proper personal protective equipment needed. Th is information is intended for use by persons having the technical expertise to undertake evaluation under their own specifi c end-use conditions, at their own discretion and risk. Anyone intending to use this information should fi rst check that the garment selected is suitable for the intended use. Th e end-user should discontinue use of garment if fabric becomes torn, worn or punctured, to avoid potential chemical exposure. Since conditions of use are beyond our control, we make no warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fi tness for a particular purpose and assume no liability in connection with any use of this information. Th is information is not intended as a license to operate under or a recommendation to infringe any patent or technical information of DuPont or other persons covering any material or its use. DuPont reserves its right to make minor changes to the products featured in this catalogue.

LATEX STATEMENT: As of January 1, 2006, DuPont production specifi cations exclude use of components containing natural rubber latex in the manufacture of DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® and Sierra™ garments. Anyone who begins to exhibit an allergic response during the use of DuPont products should immediately cease using these products. DuPont production specifi cations for Gripper™ sole exclude use of latex. Notwithstanding, DuPont cannot guarantee the absence of latex in these shoe or boot covers. Anyone who begins to exhibit allergic response during the use of DuPont products should immediately cease using these products. Th e incident should also be reported to DuPont.

SILICONE STATEMENT: In the past, DuPont has found that threads and zippers can be the most signifi cant source of silicone oil contamination in garments. DuPont specifi es that threads and zippers used in Tyvek® IsoClean® garments be manufactured without the use of silicone oils. Notwithstanding, DuPont cannot guarantee the absence of silicone oils on these garments. For end users with concerns about contamination with silicone oils or any other contaminants, the best practice is to audit inbound materials, including garments for those contaminants.

DuPont garments and accessories for controlled environments are not fl ame-resistant and should not be used around heat, fl ame, sparks or in potentially fl ammable or explosive environments. Garments made of Tyvek® should have slip-resistant or antislip materials on the outer surface of boots, shoe covers or other garment surfaces in conditions where slipping could occur.